New Motor Kawasaki ER-6n Ninja and Ninja 650

PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia increasingly established itself in the class of motor sport in Indonesia. After launching serangkain premium-class motor bike, It is now well again released its latest variant, the ER-6n and the Ninja 650.

Directior of Marketing PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia, Mitsuhiko Okada said, launches two premium variants of this bike is intended to satisfy the demands of motor sport lovers in this country.

"Not only the dimensions and capacity of large machines, all components of the second figure represents the premium motor bike Japan," Okada said San seconds pelucuran Kawasaki ER-60n and the Ninja 650 in La Piazza, Jurong, Friday night 25 November 2011.

Premium motor bike touring is carrying adopt. This was done to provide comfort for the young at heart bikers and like adventure. Striking difference can be seen from appearance, embraced the concept of ER-6n nake bike, ninja 650R apply dengankan aka full fairing shut.

Both carry the 649 cc engine, 4 stroke parallel twin-cylinder DOHC, 8 valve, engine cooling system equipped with liquid form. Energy produced reaches 72.1 horsepower at 8500 rpm and torque of 64 Newton meters at 7000 rpm. Energy transmitted to the wheel with the transmission speed of six floors.

"Despite a capacity large machines, the ER-6n and Ninja 650R still comfortably be used for daily activities. Because offers maximum performance with a soft energy and lower secondary cycle, but it performs worse in topspin," said Service Market Marketing & Sales Division Head PT It is now well, Reiner Sitorus on the same occasion.

Motor fuel tank with a capacity 19 liters, were capable of shooting off to 150-170 km / hr. With fuel consumption of 1:18 miles.

Other eBooks are offered in both the motor frame or Chassis is now using a new twin spar perimeter. Rear lights and exhaust used also using the latest design. The second motor is directly imported from Thailand in the form of intact or completely built up (CBU).

It is now well Kawasaki ER-6n membanderol Rp99 million and for the Kawasaki Ninja 650R an annual Rp 104 million. All prices are on the road in Jakarta. Kawasaki ER-6N is can be ordered from next month, while the Ninja 650R in January 2012. "If the market demand quite a lot, usually to indent diving a month. We are targeting both can be sold 100-200 units per month." he said.

Kawasaki ER-6N comes with three color options, the Metallic Spark Black, Pearl Stardust White, and Candy Lime Green. whereas for the Ninja 650R, has two color options, Candy Lime Green and Passion Red. (Umi)
One more proof that the Ninja 250R is a lot dimodif today. The choices were varied. That is if you want to flatten the legs or body so many options can be done. For example the work of workshop Artisis Custom (AC) is.
The title above formula can be said in modifiaksi this time. Ducati mimic the body, the legs trace the GSX 1000, dipelesetin so digesex. But the result looks more flat motors.
"This motor is going to look flat if you keep using monosok of the GSX 1000," said Shen Shen, AC skipper. If you can adjust the body shape and the rider is quite comfortable, then lower the seat today is not the problem means.
Still according to Shen Shen, the use of MOGE monosok is having an advantage in installation problems. "You could say the system is a bolt-on because it can directly plug in the Ninja 250R," said the man with the crew cut it.
Further explained that if the motor does not want to look flat, this arm can be combined monosok Ninja standards. "But, luckily the owner of this bike Abel baseball problem with a view like this," said the owner of the shop on Jl. Big Mango 4R, No. 80, West Jakarta.
Oh yes, it uses arm Delcevic production. Same with the rim. This swing arm and rim size and GSX models exactly replicate the look. It has a wide rim pretty soles, 3.5 inch in front and 6 inches to the rear.
As for the affairs of the body, the current body of Shen Shen try applications that mimic the Ducati 848. "The part that most caught mimic Ducati is on the stern," pointed out Shen Shen.
But, for the affairs of the color he seems unwilling to use a red color that is so identical Ducati. "We are more comfortable with the color white, yellow plus with little effect," said the man who is also known as an airbrush artist.
In his workshop he did provide a package of this body, it was because he was a distributor of products derived from Surabaya, East Java. "For my Jakarta market to market," adds this well-built man.
As for the future, there is something new diaplikasinya. That's because it uses a different projector models with popular products that have been widely circulated over the years. His name was devil eyes that also featured further on page 12, MOTOR Plus this edition. Something really, Bro!
"The lights like this is new, the inside emit characteristic red color. Being on the circumference of light allowed to remain blue, "said Shen Shen more jauh.DATA Modification
Rims: Delcevic
Tires: Michelin 120/60-17 & 190/60-17
Swing arm: Delcevic
Upside down: GSX 1000
Body: Custom
Footstep: Xrace
Tachometers: Koso RX2
Exhaust: Jardin RT5
Gas spontaneously: Domino
AC: (021) 95083232

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Model And Technology Kawasaki Ninja 650R


The balance of compact size and good power offered by the Ninja 650R's predecessor was the key to its success. To fit into its trim package, an In-line Four would have been too wide and a V-Twin too long. The only engine design that offered both good power characteristics and the requisite compactness was a Parallel Twin. While maintaining this balance, the new engine gets a number of tweaks that offer smoother low-mid response and a quicker-revving character.

Engine Performance

Liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8-valve 649 cc Parallel Twin with fuel injection delivers smooth, responsive performance, especially in the low and medium rpm ranges. The engine was tuned for rider-friendly power characteristics that will inspire confidence in new riders.

Revised fuel injection settings result in smoother response (especially below 4,000 rpm) and contribute to the new Ninja 650R’s quicker-revving character.

The engine’s excellent mid-range power characteristics make the bike especially fun to ride at medium speeds on city streets. Roll-on response is exceptional, offering impressive passing performance.

Large-bore 38 mm throttle bodies feature sub-throttles for high power output with smooth, sensitive throttle response.

Wider radiator (by 40 mm) offers increased cooling efficiency (17.4 kW >> 19.4 kW).

Compact Engine Design
The Ninja 650R’s 649 cc liquid-cooled power unit is the most compact engine in its category. Don’t let the words “Parallel Twin” fool you. This engine is loaded with innovative technology that enabled the realisation of its compact design and surprising performance. Its abundance of Ninja technology and know-how explains why this compact and lightweight machine can outperform so many of its middleweight competitors (many of which have larger displacement).

•Triangular layout of the crankshaft and transmission shafts makes the engine very short front-to-back.

•Transmission input shaft, output shaft and change drum are contained in a “cassette”-style package that both allows a compact layout and facilitates transmission maintenance chores.

•Semi-dry sump design reduces engine height.

•Plated, linerless aluminium cylinder is lightweight, and the narrow cylinder pitch reduces engine width.

•Under-engine muffler improves mass centralisation and lowers the bike’s centre of gravity.

Euro-III Compliant
The combination of efficient fuel injection and a 3-way catalyser inside the muffler make for very low emissions which pass the stringent Euro-III regulations.

300-cell catalyser offers more compact size and lighter weight compared to previous 200-cell unit. Muffler internals were revised to suit the new catalyser.

Additional Features
Fine-tuned shift lever position is easier to actuate.

Auto-fast idle system simplifies starting and ensures the catalyser reaches optimum temperature quickly.

Simplified cooling system routes coolant through the engine cases to the cylinder and head to reduce external plumbing.

180° crankshaft drives a balancer shaft for silky smooth engine operation. The water pump is driven off the right end of the balancer shaft.

Oil jets located in the rod big-ends direct oil to the undersides of the pistons for added cooling.

Lightweight plug-mounted ignition coils deliver a hot spark while saving space.

Newly designed lightweight fuel pump mounted inside the fuel tank